For investors who are tired of inaccessible CEOs and companies that aren't available to their shareholders, the Silver and Gold Summit hosted by Cambridge House president Jay Martin is a breath of fresh air.

With guests like Rick Rule, Doug, Casey, and Amir Adnani, the show brings the finest minds in the resources sector together in one place. Where investors can interact directly with management, find out what's going on in the space long before Wall Street does, and learn what some of the world's greatest investors are doing with their own money.

We were fortunate to have Jay join Chris Marcus on "Inside the Markets" to share more about what made this year's event such a success and offered so much value to those who attended. So to find out more about where the smart money is flowing in the resources sector, click to watch Jay's interview now!

To find out more about Cambridge House's upcoming Vancouver Resource Investment Conference and Cantech Investment Conference visit:

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