There are not many investors in the world who can match Rick Rule’s track record.

Which was why we were fortunate to have him join Chris Marcus on “Inside the Markets” to talk about gold and some of the ways investors can make money even while bullion prices are down.

Rick shared some simple advice on how to construct a great mining portfolio. Some of the opportunities in the uranium market. And also some valuable information about “Vaultchain”, the gold-backed blockchain product (available for silver too) partnered with Sprott Inc, Goldcorp, Miles Franklin, and the Royal Canadian Mint.

In addition to being one of today's greatest investors, Rick is also an incredible speaker. So this is an interview you're going to want to see. Click to watch now!

To get in touch with Rick’s firm Sprott Global visit:

To find out more about Vaultchain Call: 1 (833) 281-5388


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