Redfin Corporation

Housing Shortage Leads to Intense Competition Among Homebuyers
PR News Wire • 2020-02-24T13:00:00+00:00
Redfin Launches 'Redfin Premier' Service for Luxury Properties
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Home Prices Rose 7% in January as Housing Supply Fell 11%
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Redfin Ranks the Most Walkable U.S. Cities of 2020
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Redfin Ranks the Most Walkable Canadian Cities of 2020
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Luxury Housing Prices Strengthen in Fourth Quarter
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Registered Independents Surge in Iowa Ahead of Caucuses
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2020 Housing Market Forecast: More Buyers, Fewer Homes for Sale
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Redfin Ranks the Hottest Neighborhoods to Watch in 2020
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Redfin Mortgage Expands to New Jersey and South Carolina
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Redfin Report: U.S. Home Prices Up 7% in December
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