With the price of silver set to explode, many investors are looking for silver miners that are in position to take advantage of the coming precious metals bull market.

Which is why we were fortunate to have Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver join Chris Marcus on "Inside the Markets" to share what's going on. And why if the world plans to continue using the products we're currently using, the price of silver is simply going to have to rise.

Keith talked about how there's actually less above ground silver than gold at this point. How First Majestic is positioned to be one of the big winners when the silver price finally moves. And how they've adjusted their balance sheet to be in position to thrive until that happens.

So if you're interested in silver and looking for great mining stocks that have leverage to the price, click to watch the interview with Keith now!

To find out more about Keith and First Majestic Silver visit:


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