Legendary investor Doug Casey has been speculating in the gold and silver markets for decades with incredible success. And we were fortunate to have him join Chris Marcus on Inside the Markets at this year's Silver and Gold Summit to share what he's investing in now.

Doug explained why for those willing to take the risks of investing in the mining stocks, this could be an incredible time to speculate. He talked about why the Federal Reserve should really be abolished. And also explained how as a long time gold and silver bug, he opened up to the idea of the cryptos. Of which he still expects a big move for the ones that really solve a market problem.

It's a great interview for speculators and investors. Especially those who are interested in precious metals and commodities. So click to watch now!

To read Doug's blog visit: https://internationalman.com/

To buy Doug's books (which make for great Christmas presents:) go to: https://www.amazon.com/Doug-Casey/e/B00N85BD5K


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