With many precious metals investors looking for ways to profit from the expected coming rise in the price of gold and silver, David Wolfin of Coral Gold stopped by to talk to Inside the Markets.

He explained how Coral Gold is structured to benefit from higher gold prices due to its sliding scale royalty schedule. Which means that as the price of gold rises, the percentage of revenue that Coral Gold receives increases along the way.

David discussed how Coral is lowering their shares outstanding (now around 49 million), and why he feels the world is about to discover just how much their deposit is worth within the next year.

He also talked about what's happening in the stock market and how that's going to affect the money flows into the precious metals sector. And with the Chinese and others sucking up all the gold they can find, why Coral Gold is a great company to look at for those looking to be on the same side of that trade.

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